Logan Richard


Logan Richard is a multi-talented musician based in Prince Edward Island. His exceptional skills as a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter are on full display in his long-me band, and are showcased in his recently released live album. However, it is his soul-shaking records and singles in the pop and R&B genres that have truly caught the attention of listeners and industry professionals, resulting in over 1 million streams — and counting.

“Playing guitar is a big part of what I do,” Logan explains. “It’s an integral part of the live show, and fans do expect some blues guitar worked into my songs, but it’s not blues. It’s contemporary pop.”

One of Logan’s most popular tracks, “The Start (Remix),” has garnered over 600,000 streams on Spotify alone. He has also had his music featured in popular TV shows such as Ginny & Georgia and Hudson & Rex, as well as the iconic Hockey Night In Canada.

Logan’s upcoming release, the Learning To Love EP, was co-produced by highly sought-after producers Colin Buchanan and Adam Gallant, and features players from the Atlantic String Machine. The lead single and the track is a personal and reflective song about learning to appreciate the things around us.

Since releasing his first EP in 2017, Logan has continued to grow as an artist, earning a ECMA nomination for his self-titled EP in 2020, and releasing his live album, Live at the Trailside, in 2022. His talent has not gone unnoticed, and he was signed to Toronto-based Cymba Music Publishing, founded by Vince Degiorgio.




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