Little Misty


Defying easy categorization, Little Misty stands out as a captivating fusion of progressive folk and indie rock. Hailing from the north end of the Appalachians in Montreal, Canada, the group is led by long-time friends Kathryn Samman and Francois Jalbert. Although firmly grounded around the many traditions of folk music, the legacy of their home city’s rich musical heritage is strongly infused in their songs. Their repertoire is hopping between genres, pulled by an insatiable curiosity of what music could be. From cinematic landscapes, whimsical interludes to whaling guitar solos, their exact genre is quite hard to put a finger on, but always at the service of the story that needs to be shared. Little Misty released two albums so far: Little Misty in 2020, and Nowhere Land in 2023.




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