​“Era-spanning dream-pop” from Hamilton ON. Once described as a “dreamy version of Linkin Park”, Linebeck aims to find the push-and-pull between happy vivacity & nostalgic melancholy.

Their debut single “Bed” was released on June 24, 2022 – reaching over 10,000 Spotify streams and bringing in over 800 new listeners within 4 weeks of its release. Since then, Linebeck has followed up with a steady stream of singles, including “In My Dreams”, a dreamy ballad, and “Waste My Time”, a gazey guitar-driven song about dating in the digital age.

​Sonically, Linebeck draws inspiration from shoegaze, dream-pop, and post-punk bands; yet melodically and structurally leans heavily on pop-driven motifs. Heavily influenced by songwriting geniuses LennonMcCartney and pop powerhouse Max Martin, Linebeck’s songwriting is full of intention but not lacking in honesty.

Linebeck – comprised of lead vocalist and synth-player Chrys Teo, guitarist and vocalist Momo Raickovic, bassist Raph Cruz, and drummer Eric Davis – often refer to themselves as a “Kijiji Success Story”, as Raph and Eric joined the band after connecting with Momo on the online market. One of their greatest superpowers is that all members have wildly different approaches to songwriting.

Though they connect with their fans and new listeners through their songs, Linebeck has also aimed to create an open and fun environment for everyone – allowing their discourse to go beyond just music. They find themselves and their fans often discussing absolutely everything – from their recent travels to their conquests in the latest Zelda game.




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