Lemon Cash


There’s a saying when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Ottawa-born brothers, Cory and Jeff Papineau live by this saying. So much so, that they named their band Lemon Cash.
The band’s name was inspired from the brothers childhood when they ran a neighbourhood lemonade stand. The two brothers would come home each day celebrating their hard-earned “lemon cash”. To this day they share similar interests in music and continue to write and record music together.

They grew up in a very musical family along with a little sister, Taylor, who would often sing and help write songs in their music room at home. When the 3 siblings were very young, they wrote and recorded a jingle for their answering machine on their home phone line: “We can’t take your phone call, we’re busy through and through, but leave your name and number and we’ll get right back to you!” in acapella with three-piece harmonies.

While still young children, their father left home and their mother took on the challenging responsibilities of raising three kids on her own. The relationship with their father remained complicated growing up which inevitably had its challenges along the way while transitioning into adults. When times became tough, music was their therapy. It was the wisdom from songs and artists that gave them the strength to deal with situations without the guidance of a father. Music was also the lemonade that they used to make their mother happy. From this the boys realized the magic and power of music and how much of an impact it does have on people. Cory and Jeff continued to steer that magic into forming the band, Lemon Cash.

Lemon Cash started out as a cover band, forming an alternative rock band with some local friends from their hometown of Ottawa, Ontario. The band had success playing lots of gigs, receiving radio traction and formed quite a substantial following for only a couple of years of playing together. After 3 years of playing as a five-piece band, the members of Lemon Cash decided to part on good terms and ended their days as a rock band.

Looking to evolve their music, Cory and Jeff found their sweet spot and transitioned into the country world where they would come to realize this is where their tastes and personalities fit best.

The inspiration to switch to the country genre came from their parents: Jeff Sr. and Sandra. They introduced Jeff and Cory to country music at a very young age. Listening to a wide range of artists such as Patsy Cline, George Jones, George Strait, Dolly Parton, Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks. These country legends became the inspiration for the brothers beginning to write and perform their own songs with their signature blend of harmonies and a tinge of their love of rock music thrown into the lemonade of Lemon Cash.
“Wildside” is the new single. Written by Jeff and Cory Papineau, it is an homage to your inner child. Every so often we just need to forget about the world’s problems, and grab your “Bonnie or Clyde”, step out of your comfort zone and just let go.

Lemon Cash are busy writing, writing, performing at shows (drive-in’s these days) and getting ready to head into the studio with Dan Swinimer (JoJo Mason, Sacha, Tyler Joe Miller, Madelaine Merlot) to continue their artist development and turn those lemons into sweet lemonade.




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