Kristina Dervaitis


What happens when an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist decides to become a singer/songwriter? When Kristina Dervaitis took a step back from her duties in the delivery room, she didn’t realize that an album was about to be born (Overdue, 2021). With  all of the raw emotion that accompanies a midlife in transition, Kristina’s music  tells a  story of a self discovery that is better late than never. After seizing  an opportunity to work with  Canadian songstress Emm Gryner, she soon began to realize that she had something real, relatable, and powerful to share. Her lyrics grab hold of the terrifying, exhilarating energy that comes with exploring new possibilities. With a sometimes-soft, sometimes-outraged style often compared to Alanis Morissette, Kristina has experienced first hand the therapeutic power of music. 

Although classically  trained in piano at an early age, her ‘day job’ hadn’t allowed much time to explore music. It was only later in life that she discovered her songwriting abilities, around the same time that she had dialled down her practice in order to spend more time with her husband (Barry Atack, a recently retired pelvic floor surgeon and lifelong drummer who played on her debut album). 

And now, Kristina is ‘expecting’ again. Due in April 2023, her sophomore offering, Quickening, was produced by Matthew Barber, the Canadian artist and well established producer (Barber  has also produced Noah Reid of Schitt’s Creek fame). Barber and Dervaitis teamed up in Toronto in March 2022, recording at Union Sound Company. With a renewed focus on her piano roots, Quickening offers heartfelt ballads and more of the lyrical depth that Kristina’s listeners have come to expect. With a vocal tone that conveys both vulnerability and a new found confidence, Kristina is continuing  to share the voice she found when she wasn’t looking for it.




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