King Park


King Park formed in a little basement in September of 2011 when Drummer Daniel Jumaquio and Singer/Guitarist Timon Moolman decided they wanted to see how loud they could be. They started under the name To Our Divide but with the maturing of their sound and the imminent release of their first professionally recorded E.P. have decided to rename the project King Park.

After many lineup changes they were very pleased to be joined by Tristan Persaud, who’s unique playing style and ingenuity became a characteristic staple to King Parkʼs sound and Tyler Heemskerk, a thoughtful and calculating bassist of Jazz background who was the final piece of the puzzle, giving the group the rounded out and tight sound they desired. Each member of the team is vital to their sound, fitting together to create the experience that King Park has become.

After years of touring around Hamilton and Ontario, they have developed a strong fan base who helped fund their first e.p. The E.P. entitled “The Light I Canʼt See” is set to be released in September of 2017. The first single will be titled “Stay” and is a breathtaking and hard hitting showcase of their sound.​





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