BC born singer-songwriter Kandle Osborne is catharsis personified. Embodying equal parts cabaret chanteuse and ambitious rock singer, she’s covered everything in her inky blues-influenced songs from heartbreak, sexual assault, chronic illness and a loss of power, providing an immense release for her listeners with her treacle dipped voice. Kandle discovered a true love for music in Nancy Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Shirley Bassey to name just a few. Strong influences from the fierce female greats of a gone era, Kandle writes, and sings exclusively with her heart; something so often void in the modern era of over produced perfection. Kandle sings honest and raw, vulnerable yet empowered, never afraid to pen even life’s heaviest moments.

While her fourth album, “untitled”, may have been recorded under extraordinary circumstances (under the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown of 2020), Kandle streamlined her focus and vision. She steps into her self worth with the confidence of a true veteran who is capable of taking any situation and finding an opportunity for a deeper emotional connection. If her past has provided catharsis, her future is all about empowerment.

While the beginnings of the recording took place long before the days of social distancing and self-isolation, how it began was not too different. “Kandle already had most of the songs written and roughly demoed well before we got in the studio,” says London-based-producer Michael Rendall. “We had been working back and forth on [songs] vía iMessage towards the end of 2019.”

Produced by Rendall and performed by some of Kandle’s closest collaborators (Louise Burns, Kendel Carson Debra Jean, Creelman, Dave Genn, Nik Pesur) , it exudes confidence, sensuality and maturity only gained by spending an entire life in music. After a few short days of pre-production, “we cut each track and watched the magic of the players unfold.” says Rendall. “We recorded everything with an old-school mentality: as few microphones as possible and plenty of room tone. Each song gained its own personality, warts and all.”

After years battling through the infamously cold and stark music industry and finally escaping the shackles of sour recording contracts, Kandle suddenly found herself in full control of her music. Kandle brings a seasoned performance to every line and every word, channeling over a decade of touring the globe including France, China, and the North America. Her guitar screams and writhes like a dancer in the dark Honey Trap, and the lush arrangements of songs like Waxing evoke Bond themes of yore. The ever-present cinematic quality to her music comes as no surprise, having both a Juno nomination for best music video and the Prism Prize under her belt for her song “Not Up To Me” off 2014’s critically acclaimed album In Flames. She also appears in Jack White’s 2018 music video for “Corporation”.

Growing up in the music industry as the daughter of Neil Osborne (5440) has provided Kandle’s artistry with a unique insight. There are no gimmicks here, no trite attempts at making playlist-friendly and disposable ear-candy. Instead, this is an artist at her most empowered and authentic. An artist who by sharing her own story of healing, can help us all do the same.




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