Toronto-based, alt-pop artist, JULIANA EYE is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and live support musician. After years of playing in bands and writing songs behind-the-scenes, JULIANA is stepping forward to showcase her own music in 2021. With Pop at its core, her music draws influence from 90’s Alternative Rock, Indie & Dance music and pairs it with introspective and self-empowering lyrics through her alluring vocals.

Born and raised in the Toronto suburb of North York, JULIANA took to music obsessively at the early age of thirteen as an act of teenage rebellion and an outlet for finding herself. She spent the majority of her adolescence playing guitar and writing songs in her bedroom, jamming in basements with her friends’ obscure bands, and venturing to downtown clubs to watch local artists perform. While attending University for art & graphic design, EYE toured and recorded with indie-rock band, The Ruby Spirit, as a backup vocalist and self-taught keyboard player. JULIANA has since pursued a career as a live support musician for a number of artists including CARYS (Warner Music/Atlantic Records), Juno-nominated, AMAAL (Universal Canada), and LØLØ (APG, Independent) to name a few.

Upcoming single, “U SUCK,” will be JULIANA’s debut release. A cheeky anthem that came from an exercise in catharsis. “It’s about taking off the rose-coloured glasses and coming to terms with the fact that not everyone around you has good intentions. You don’t always need to blame yourself and it’s okay to be angry about inconsistent and toxic behaviour. Sometimes they suck, you don’t.”

JULIANA EYE will be releasing more singles this year as well as working on an EP to come out in 2022.




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