JULIANA EYE is a dynamic, unapologetic alt-pop artist based out of Toronto, Canada. Her brand of indie-pop is inspired by the nostalgia of ‘90s & early ‘00s alternative rock and post-punk aesthetics. A love of infectious pop melodies fused with melancholy informs her ‘danceable sad bangers’.

Debut EP, ‘LATE BLOOMER’ is a 6-track homage to EYE’s teenage self. Drifting through themes of escapism and nostalgia, LATE BLOOMER became a way to revisit her youth and make sense of the growing pains. Featured single, ‘THE DRUGS AREN’T WORKING’ is a fever dream about driving recklessly through life with no direction when your vices no longer offer you an escape from reality.

Born and raised in the Toronto suburb of North York, JULIANA took to music obsessively at the early age of thirteen as an act of teenage rebellion against her traditional upbringing. She spent the majority of her adolescence playing guitar and writing songs in her bedroom, while also performing in a number of bands in the Toronto music scene. EYE later went on to work as a session keyboard player with various artists, and has since performed across Canada, US, UK & Europe.

JULIANA EYE will be writing and recording more music over 2023.




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