John Orpheus


Born and raised in South-Central Trinidad, John Orpheus is a multi-cultural musician, author and performance artist. Since releasing his previous album SAGA KING in 2021, he has been busy promoting his memoir SAGA BOY (Penquin Random House) and writing two children’s books and a forthcoming debut novel called BLACK CHEROKEE (Simon and Schuster). He also found the time to write and produce a new EP: GET RIGHT! It combines John Orpheus’ playfulness, fluency and affection for the past. The EP demonstrates an evolving set of tastes in Funk, Punk and Pop that maintains the artist’s vibe of welcoming in the whole diaspora: from dancehall to hip hop to funk to Afrobeats. John Orpheus and his writing alter ego Antonio Michael Downing are co-creative forces on an artistic roll in 2024.

John Orpheus’ musical journey has taken him from the Caribbean bush to festivals across Canada and the US to opening for Liam Gallagher on a UK tour. John is known for his rabble-rousing live shows filled with audience participation, chanting and impromptu dance-offs that feel more like Caribana road parties than concerts. Lush with funk, hip hop swagger and “whole school” vibes, the GET RIGHT! EP is a catchy, funky, fun send up of the era when funk, punk and pop could all be found on the same dancefloor. Influenced by early Prince, Rick James and 90s Hip Hop’s affection for Parliament Funkadelic, GET RIGHT! is a throwback that feels like 2024. “I think we all could use a dance party right about now. GET UP! GET DOWN! GET RIGHT!”




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