JIMBO was founded in 2017 after guitarist Joe Narducci and drummer Jacob Tessier met in a stairwell on their way to an audition for a university music club. After a brief conversation it was clear they both had the same goal in mind… to form a band and hit the cities clubs and bars as soon as possible. Shortly after meeting each other they joined up with bassist and vocalist Alex Van Der Heyden to complete their sound. The three bonded over their diverse music tastes and quickly began sculpting a sound that would seamlessly blend them all together. A sound that would combine the heavy elements of the grunge and hard rock genres with the soft and immersive sounds of goth rock, shoegaze and neo soul.

Within no time the three had made a name for themselves in the Kingston, ON music scene (one that has launched the careers of numerous internationally known Canadian bands). The band has continued to grow in the past six years, now based in the city of Toronto, JIMBO has shared the stage with numerous touring acts as well as headlined their own sold out local shows. In 2022 JIMBO added guitarist and vocalist Claudia Northey and her musical contributions and performance experience has helped JIMBO reach new heights musically.

Riding this momentum Jimbo has big plans for the near future. Following the release of the next single “Ship I Can Sink” this fall, Jimbo is embarking on their first proper tour to the USA. Stopping in 6 new cities with a handful of new songs set to be recorded later this year. This next batch of tunes is coming from a far more mature, cohesive and determined rock band. Now more than ever, Jimbo knows what it’s trying to say and confident people will be willing to listen.




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