jetsetforevr is an independent multi talented recording artist and songwriter from Toronto, Canada. He has achieved success in his artist career mainly due to his unique introspective writing style, strong visual consistency and engaging live events for releases and shows. 

He has been able to secure spots on various DSP editorial playlists including Its A Bop (Spotify), New Music Friday Canada (Spotify) and Northern Bars (Spotify) as well as New In Indie (Apple Music) and Emo Trap (Amazon Music) independently. jetsetforevr has accumulated hundreds of thousands of streams across platforms and is looking at growing his fanbase through consistency and quality music in 2023.

Jetsetforevr’s main introduction to music was at an early age listening to Billy Joel and Michael Jackson on morning car rides with his father. As he got older, he then started to mould his own taste in music which ranged from pop punk bands like Good Charlotte and Panic At The Disco to rappers like Eminem and Ludacris. His taste for infectious melodies, dynamic songwriting and charisma eventually moulded him into the artist he is today, encompassing various elements from different genres and influences in his own music. Modern music influences like Post Malone and Jon Bellion are heavy rooted in this Toronto based artist’s sound, however it goes without saying that jetsetforevr’s sound is dynamic, fluid and authentically his. 

In early 2021, jetsetforevr (Previosuly JETSET) rebranded and kicked off the year with his debut E.P. “What Is Life”. The lead single “Skeletons”, which featured a verse from rising talent 12AM, was placed on Spotify’s New Music Friday Canada playlist, Its A Bop playlist and was featured on Early Rising. jetsetforevr would go on to release several singles after the EP to maintain the consistency and feed his budding fanbase. 

2022 saw jetsetforevr release an array of singles including fan favourites “Ever After”, “Supernatural” and “Room 271”. Each of these releases were supported by experience driven events that were essential to the success of the records. Later that year, jetsetforevr would go on to perform at his biggest show to date at Mcmaster University’s Week of Welcome with BBNO$ and Dom Vallie. The showmanship was apparent throughout the performance and jetsetforevr was able to connect with new fans on a large scale. He would then go on to headline his own show at The Baby G in Toronto to close out the year. 

Moving into 2023, the talented artist is looking to stay consistent and release several singles packaged into two key EP’s which will put his matured sound and songwriting on full display. 




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