Jesse Adams


Life can be bittersweet. Jesse’s music captures that elusive state somewhere between defeat and resolve, misery and joy. After experiencing disparate moments of bliss and devastation, Jesse reached back into her childhood diary of songs, yanked them from their resting place, and revisited each from a more mature perspective. Now 23, Jesse has released four songs and has thirteen more on the way (The EP interestingly enough was written after the album but released first as a practice run).

After writing her LSATs, Jesse slammed on the breaks, turned toward the beckoning vines, the darkened forest, the moss-covered knot holes where the sun glimmers then retreats teasingly saying, come now. Where is your sense of adventure, courage, commitment to your own life? She looked to her 7 year old self who said, “Go for it you fool” and so she brings you the fool, the lover, impulsive child, wise adult, injured bird, the embittered witch, the princess, the rabbit, and the rabbit hole where you might just find a deck of cards, some tea, and further down the path… Jesse at the piano.

Her new song Gravity (April 14, 2023) is a coming of age story. It follows a girl with the world at her fingertips who almost risks it all for a person who’s willing to drag her down with them. Will she sever the pull of their Gravity, or will she succumb to it? Written by Jesse Adams and Sara Bandkohal, produced and engineered by Will Crann and Emma Whale, and with musicians Marshall Lister, Jill Sauerteig, and Andrew Chung, Gravity will leave the listener feeling empowered. The album by the same name contains twelve more songs that are eclectic in style but tell a cohesive story with lyrics interwoven from one song to the next. With this first single, Jesse is excited to bring you into her world… and give you a taste of what’s to come.




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