In the opening seconds of her latest record, JEEN posits a thought: maybe I’ll be gone. It’s not hard to imagine where that sentiment comes from, recorded and produced in the midst of a global pandemic that has wreaked havoc on every corner of every industry, it’s easy to see the desire to ask questions about what comes next.

What comes next is Dog Bite, the new LP from Toronto-based performer Jeen O’Brien. What started as an EP quickly grew to a full-length LP, coming in at 11 songs (including a knockout cover of a Sepultura jam). Recorded while demoing at home and jumping into Pro Gold Studio in the brief moments between lockdowns, it’s hard to not read the impact of covid into every line, but think of Dog Bite as a pandemic record at your own peril. This is a record bursting at the seams with the desire for more, peeling back the layers of isolation and exposing a yearning for connection, for love and all the parts of our lives we’ve had to put away.

Evoking the spirit of everything from the best fuzzy guitar riffs in The Breeders catalogue to the indie-rock pop of The New Pornographers and all the stops in between, JEEN puts it all on display in Dog Bite. Lead single “Don’t Wait” featuring Ian Blurton (Change of Heart, Future Now) is a sonic road trip, a winding road of breezy guitars and boisterous choruses, while “Maybe I’ll Be Gone” is the sound of dancing in the pit with reckless abandon, a gritty pop kickoff to a record that is every bit as much about the desire to see where we’re going as it is worrying about where we are. The music landscape might be changed forever, Dog Bite dares to ask what we are coming back to.

Dog Bite was recorded at Pro Gold Studios in Toronto, co-produced by Jeen and Ian Blurton and will be released on all digital streaming services and physical formats October 2021.





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