janïsa’s musical work is a perfect expression of the sanctities, and sometimes the sorrows, that attach themselves to life and finding herself. She is a beguiling artist with a troubadour’s commitment to lyric and story. She merges the intimacy and introspection of a singer-songwriter with the rich aesthetic of roots, soul and RnB.

Toronto is home to this singer/songwriter who has also added acting to her repertoire. She attended this year’s TIFF red carpet to celebrate a world premiere of a film she had a principal role in. This appearance at TIFF was a day after her home of 13 years was taken from her by a devastating fire. Since the loss of her home, she has appeared in Shania Twain’s latest music video as a part of the country star’s band and continues to diversify her talents as she completes the film score of a afro futuristic short film. She releases her latest single Dive In written by herself and Adria Kain.




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