Hollow Graves


“Brilliantly balanced between dream pop, new-wave, and post-punk, Toronto quintet Hollow Graves just might be our newest obsession. After discovering their most recent single “Far Out Summer,” we came across their incredible self-titled debut, released back in 2018 – it was there where their punk background shone through, especially gorgeously heavy tracks “Soda” and “Moonlighting” that illuminate not only the darkness in their tone, but the innate dreaminess that lingers as well. Since then, there’s been alterations in overall sound, but thankfully, that incredible tension they began with is still there – “Tequila Sunrise,” their first single of 2020, feels like a sister track to “Far Out Summer,” given the similar interplays between vocals and instrumentals that feel nothing short of euphoric. And yet, they have their differences – the former is a bold, yet vulnerable rager (with vocals I still can’t get out of my head), while the latter is an atmospheric, quietly visceral ballad. Both, however, are absolutely worth your time.” – Kid With a Vinyl




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