Hollow Graves


Hollow Graves emerges from the darkness with “Tequila Sunrise,” the first single from their most fully realized project to date. Rob Coxford, Coady McCormack, Nathan Greavette, Nathan Miller and Alex Saragosa have been playing music together for over half a decade now, and their new material reflects this maturity. Since releasing their first EP, Hollow Graves has delivered explosive performances to sold out shows across Toronto, winning over fans with their unique brand of dark, shoegaze inspired post-punk.

Hollow Graves keeps the fire burning with their arsenal of new material, all written in a live performance setting to capture the fervent energy of the band. This record is the second that is solely produced by the band themselves, enlisting help from long-time friend and musician Logan Trearty in mixing and engineering the songs, recorded at his studio in downtown Toronto.

The band dives deeper into experimental material with their new collection of music, balancing grunge and psych rock intensity with indie sensibility.

Dreamy, sparkling, and hard-hitting, “Tequila Sunrise” marks a refresh for the group that will leave fans ordering more.




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