Hollow Graves


Toronto, a city with a rich and diverse musical history, has always been a breeding ground for talented musicians and bands. One such band that has been making waves in recent years is Hollow Graves. Established in 2018, the group has attracted a loyal following and earned recognition for their distinctive sound and mesmerizing live performances. Their music, blending indie rock, post-punk, and shoegaze, features atmospheric guitar work, pulsating bass lines, powerful drumming, with expressive and haunting vocals.

Hollow Graves’ proficiency in crafting a sense of atmosphere and space within their songs sets them apart. The utilization of reverb and delay effects, combined with complex guitar melodies, results in an expansive and enveloping sound. This is especially noticeable in tracks like “Far Out Summer” and “Tequila Sunrise,” which demonstrate the band’s talent in merging memorable hooks with lush soundscapes. Since their inception, Hollow Graves has performed at numerous renowned venues across Toronto, including The Horseshoe Tavern, The El Mocambo, and The Drake Hotel, amassing a dedicated fan base and enhancing their reputation as an electrifying live act.

Their debut self-titled EP, launched in 2018, garnered critical praise for its cohesive sound and compelling songwriting. Following their initial success, the band released the EP “Heatwave” and the full-length album “Mid-Century Modern,” both of which further showcased their unique blend of musical styles and thought-provoking themes. They have also released several singles, capturing the attention of fans and industry professionals alike. Hollow Graves’ singular fusion of genres has resonated with audiences and critics, solidifying their status as a must-see act. As the band continues to develop and expand, they are poised to leave a lasting impact on the Toronto music scene and beyond.




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