Granny Smith


Granny Smith is Jason Bhattacharya. All tracks are produced, arranged, composed and performed on a Yamaha AW4416 recording console. “I think of this project as an ode to the history I was never a part of but cherish so deeply. Initially, my music was mostly pastiche based on styles that initially inspired me but in recent years it’s become a place to document my progress as a writer, performer and recording artist in my own right. The goal is to capture a single performance (typically on piano, acoustic guitar or drums) and overdub the rest of the instruments. This is a practice that had already been put in place by some of my idols such as Stevie Wonder, Prince, Shuggie Otis, and Paul McCartney…writing the music, performing all the instruments heard and recording it as well. I studied classical piano lessons till Level 9 Royal Conservatory. The rest of my musical backing came from playing along with records and playing with my family who also play a variety of instruments. I landed on the name Granny Smith for a few reasons. I was always very into artists from decades past; my musical choices always seemed to reference artists of a different era, hence ‘Granny.’ I loved the imagery of the Granny Smith apple…The Beatles used it for Apple Records which for me is a beacon of rampant imagination. Steve Jobs took the Granny Smith apple and repurposed it for his brand which allowed people to create playlists and hear all of their favourite songs from different artists and genres in a line, allowing the listener to build a soundtrack to their lives.”





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