Good Dear Good


Originally bearing roots in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Good Dear Good brings their East Coast heritage to their name. Commonly known as a greeting on the Cape Breton coast, “good dear good” is a simple response to “how are ya?” that emulates the kindness and lighthearted aura each member puts out into the world. Their vibrant and emotional lyrics on top of harmonious indie-pop/rock melodies take us to the dark depths of the Atlantic while the sun shines a beam straight to the ocean floor. Each player is a pillar to equally support a sound that is living, breathing and above all — good.
Musicians Tim Hatcher (he/him) & Brandon MacDonald (he/him) decided to leave university — packing their belongings and moving to Dartmouth to pursue music in the NSCC Music Arts program. Gaining both performance and professional experience, Tim & Brandon knew they wanted to build a community and share their art with those around them. This included their first community at NSCC where Izra Fitch (she/her) and Connor Booth (he/him) rounded out what is now Good Dear Good. On vocals and guitar, Tim provides the essence of the music; with synthesizer textures from Izra; and a powerful rhythm section from Brandon and Connor on bass and drums. At the band’s core, Tim, Brandon, and Izra’s voices harmonize, echoing magically and bright — like the Halifax skyline on a warm summer evening. 

Good Dear Good are launching their celebratory self-produced debut EP “Arrival” in June 2023 with mixing and additional production by John Mullane (AKA Future Dad). Themes of finding your people — the ones you hold near and dear, persevering through mental health struggles amongst a broken system, and resilience are what make up Good Dear Good’s upcoming record. This will be their first release under Lulo Music Group — an emerging indie label based in Dartmouth that was born out of the NSCC community through the Music Business program.

Good Dear Good recall their showcasing experiences where they first began fostering their community of musicians and music lovers from all over the province — Tim reminisces,  “knowing people can take something from the things we share is really special, and if that helps people on any level, then we know we’re on the right path.” Connecting with kindred spirits through their storytelling and music is an experience they hold above all else.




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