Fake Shape


Fake Shape is an eclectic, experimental, indie band from Hamilton, Ontario. They consist of Chester Edington (guitar and vocals), David Baldry (keyboard, synthesizer and flugelhorn), Olivia Brown (bass and vocals), and Mackenzie Read (drums). They settle in between a melange of eclectic influences—a little indie rock, some solid jazz flow, and even the odd twang in the vocals. Edington prioritizes that working together is key, saying that “through actively practicing collaboration we are able to write better music.” Edington describes the process with a delightful frankness: “I write a decent chunk of a song, then slowly lose interest and am unable to finish it. David comes in, mixes up the batter and gets me excited about the song again. Sometimes David writes an entirely new section, and we put that in the song”. Together Chester and David hone in on the ideas and fill it out more with some editing and arranging.” This arranging and editing leaves space open for Brown and Reid, who add their own ideas, and their own skills to the work in question. The editing here is key to the process, with the expansive, organic building up refocused into taut 3-4 minute songs. The resulting music works together as a whole, not one voice or instrument on the surface, but in juicy layers of well mixed and deeply felt meaningful music.




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