Everybody’s Side Project


I was born in Windsor, Ontario and have made my return to the music scene with Everybody’s Side Project. My musical journey began in my hometown in the early 2000s as the lead singer and keyboard player for Amid Morning Sky, and later as the lead singer, synth, and keyboard player for We Were Thane. These experiences in Windsor solidified my passion for music and performance, but a 15-year hiatus saw me stepping back from the music scene to focus on my career in manufacturing.

In June 2023, now based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, I launched my solo pop punk project, which was born out of significant personal loss. The untimely passing of loved ones led me to channel my grief into my music, reigniting my deep-rooted passion for songwriting and performance.

Despite typically critical audiences, Everybody’s Side Project has received ample support, which has encouraged me to pursue this endeavour wholeheartedly. This faith in the project’s potential is substantiated by the plans already in motion for a second EP.

Everybody’s Side Project is more than just a musical venture for me – it’s a testament to the transformative power of music, its ability to heal, and its exceptional capacity to turn adversity into opportunity.




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