Encore – the fiery pop-rock group fronted by brothers Donald and Richard Plant, have stepped into the limelight as one of the music industry’s most vibrant new artists. Since their debut, the Plant brothers have launched themselves into orbit as a band that focuses on creating a community through their music and building a legacy for years to come. By fusing together a blend of inspiration from some of music’s timeless legends, Encore has contrived a unique, Rolling Stones-esque look supported by a boisterous and intrepid sound.

With the release of their pieces, “Butterfly” and “California Nights,” the group has fostered a unique approach to writing and releasing music that utilizes social media as a main bridge that allows them to connect and build upon the relationships they have with their listeners. By doing so, these online platforms have become a key source of communication that provides the group with the opportunity to engage and create their own community across the globe.

In developing a new wave of music that allows listeners internationally to stay connected, Encore is arising as a group that gives their following a shot from the past and a clear glance into the future. With their upcoming release of “DONE,” the group’s new music stands as a testimony to the creative direction the band is taking as they continue to synthesize nostalgic production with whole-hearted lyrics aimed to emotionally resonate with individuals across the globe. 




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