Eleanor is a singer-songwriter with an R&B leaning sound, coloured in hues of soul and indie music. She takes a narrative approach to songwriting, leaning on experiences of grief and overcoming to shape stories that are robust and deeply felt. “I make music because it would be harder not to, it’s a very natural extension of my personhood,” the artist says of herself.

Eleanor’s music has been covered widely by publications such as Earmilk, ColorsxStudios, and Exclaim Magazine. Wonderland Magazine has dubbed her music “a peaceful effort that matter of factly confronts life’s most difficult intricacies as they dissipate into a chorus of soul-laden beats.”

Eleanor has recently contributed to the published music of artists such as: Texas King, Saveria and Chad Price. Her music has also been featured prominently on radio and television, and her debut E.P. “A Late Bloom” will be dropping in the fall of 2023.




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