Ekelle is a multi-genre artist and songwriter from Toronto. Ekelle rhymes about what she knows best: her real-life experience! Money, sex, drama and identity stir together to create a style that she calls Hood Pop – Popular music with a street edge. Hood Pop combines elements of hip hop, pop music and R&B. Ekelle hopes that the honesty in her music will motivate others to share their stories too and to never give up. At the beginning stages of her career she thought she just had to pick one genre to work with which was hard for her because so many different styles gave her inspiration. Ekelle has since then branched out and decided to carve out her own sound that represents her eclectic tastes and interests. Ekelle loves to candidly rap out her real lived experience and/or play with metaphor and simile as she sings. She puts her songs together with dreamy soundscapes and hard hitting beats that can turn up any party! Noticing a void in the music scene, Ekelle found that no one artist was telling a story that she could fully relate to. Ekelle was finding that she enjoyed the music being made today, but there were aspects of her story there were simply no songs for, so she decided to create them herself. Her cathartic approach with her newly improved sound began to take her places. Drawing on her experiences with heartbreak, happiness, race, love, sexual orientation and more she definitely has an anthem for you.




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