Eamon McGrath


With a series of singles from Eamon McGrath’s upcoming full-length album Bells of Hope that began last fall with “Sparkle & Bleed” and continued into spring of this year with the melancholic “April”, McGrath launches “Cannonball” this June to continue to offer a preview of what’s to come in the prolific output from this Toronto-based songwriter.

Featuring the immaculate and haunting voice of Edmonton-based singer/songwriter Cayley Thomas, “Cannonball” is an ode to some of McGrath’s most country-oriented influences, specifically the twangy psychedelia of Gram Parsons and Lee Hazlewood. Originally hailing from the Canadian prairies, the ghostly voices of classic Americana have played a hugely important role in the shaping of McGrath’s sound, as vital and formative as the more ragged and savage underground punk rock communities he long ago cut his teeth in.

“Cannonball” lands June 18 and will see McGrath heading west to Windsor, ON for a series of live in-person performances as part of The Gravy Train concert series on June 19, signalling McGrath’s long-awaited and welcome return to the road.




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