Of all the art forms that have benefited from humanity’s newfound, unprecedented access to the entire recorded history of creativity, hip-hop has continually proven that its knack for synthesis, interpolation, and reinvention makes it the best suited music to the digital age. That sonic fearlessness and infinite adaptability is at the core of what makes Windsor, Ontario-based producer/songwriter Datsunn such a vital force. 

As a prolific content creator, you may be familiar with Datsunn from his Twitch streams, his captivating Instagram beat making videos, or his collaborations with major brands like Native Instruments, Roland, and many more. But no matter how you arrive, Datsunn’s entrancing blend of classic hip-hop, soul, and R&B will entice you to stick around. Citing influences that run the gamut from J Dilla to Lewis Taylor, Datsunn has perfected an ultra-smooth brand of engrossing eclecticism that is as fresh as it is familiar.

Whether it’s the jazzy loops that comprise the backbone of his 2022 full length Forever Flowing or the silky neo-soul of his new single “End of the Day,” Datsunn’s affection for traditional forms is elegantly married to the multifaceted post-modernism that defines art and artists in the social media era. It’s not often that music can offer comparable results to both longtime students of the form and newcomers alike, but Datsunn’s reverent reinterpretation of old ideas for a new age is a spellbinding and evergreen sound that is nearly impossible not to love. 




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