Dark Mean


The musical project of Dark Mean refuses to slip away for good. The collective has been quietly chipping away in their Hamilton, Ontario studio. Once again they have focused their spontaneous fits of inspiration, captured on phones and wired between Ottawa and Hamilton, into something concrete.

Years of extended hiatuses are nothing new to the trio of Billy Holmes, Sandy Johnston and Mark Dean. That’s how they operate. Incessant file sharing and e-mails, late night Zoom calls, relentless attention to detail, unabashed honesty, and the odd show amidst chaotic life schedules, are just a few ways the band has not only hung together, but are continuing to release new music.

Perhaps the band’s secret is simply how well they complement one another both musically and personally. Mark, Billy, and Sandy each bring something uniquely important to the table, without which, it just wouldn’t be Dark Mean. The trio are first and foremost great friends, which is instrumental to them being a great band.




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