Dany Horovitz


Dany Horovitz is a Canadian singer-songwriter known for delighting audiences with his memorable melodies and beautiful storytelling through vivid lyrics.

Dany’s music has received radio play across Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, and on Sirius XM’s Little Steven’s Underground Garage. His single Free Tonight earned him Top 20 honours on Cashbox Radio. His follow-up EP, The Candle Is Worth The Game, was nominated by New Artist Spotlight for its 2023 EP of the Year Award.

Dany was born to a middle-class family in Montreal and raised outside Toronto. His grandfather owned a record store and Dany’s childhood was mostly spent listening to old records and dreaming of making music. His main inspirations were the bands and singer-songwriters of the 1960s and 70s.

Dany’s music is infused with modern takes on familiar sounds: melodic guitar and piano chords, popping bass licks, and toe-tapping percussion. His lyrics are stories of love, loss, and life, drawing inspiration from ancient poets, modern philosophers, and personal experiences. But don’t be mistaken, his music is neither academic nor pedantic: first and foremost, Dany writes songs to be enjoyed. And he hopes you do.




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