Cuff The Duke


Breaking Dawn marks Cuff The Duke’s triumphant return after an over-decade hiatus. Their seventh studio album is due out September 6, 2024 on their new artist label Cardinal Records. With a foundation in Canadian roots rock and a penchant for crafting noisy guitar jams, Cuff The Duke’s unique blend of genres has consistently escaped the confines of simple classification, earning them an honoured place under the umbrella of “alternative.”

Six albums, a pair of JUNO nods, countless miles clocked on the road, including sharing stages with iconic acts like Blue Rodeo, Hayden, Sloan, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, and Calexico. Then, poof! A 10-year vanishing act, playing only a handful of shows in that time. But like all great tales, theirs has a twist: Cuff The Duke has reemerged from the shadows.

Recorded over two years, Breaking Dawn showcases Cuff The Duke’s growth and maturity, both as musicians and as individuals. The collaborative effort of Wayne Petti and his talented bandmates (Paul Lowman, Andrew Johnson, François Turenne, and Thom Hammerton) has resulted in a work that is deeply personal but distinctly Cuff The Duke.

Poised to once again cross musical borders as effortlessly as a game of hopscotch, their return is not just another chapter in their discography; it’s a homecoming celebration of their enduring legacy, and the love of getting together with old friends and playing music.




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