“I imagine us as a rock band, trapped inside of a nightclub” says frontman Harry Parsons, of the Newfoundland rave punk band Ctrl+V (pronounced Paste) “And that’s kind of where the “Rock Band Simulation” thing came from. I basically wrote these songs as if a band were trying to mimic electronic sounds and samples.”

“After more than a decade of being a drummer in touring bands, I somewhat hesitantly began to dabble with making electronic music, and almost instantly a lot of things started to make sense for me. I was able to create sounds that I had fallen short on making for so many years. It was probably the most liberating feeling that I’ve ever had, artistically.”

Transitioning from the back of the stage to the front of the stage was a huge challenge for Parsons, but along with co-writer/producer Sweetboy Music, the songwriting soon began to flow, and the pair began shaping their sound, influenced by darkwave, hard rock, and a dash of punk. This road to glossy and gritty darkwavey goodness was augmented by producers/mixers John Fryer and Mark Needham, giving the songs a slick and heavy delivery.

“I am really honored to be able to work with people like John and Mark. I’ve learned that it’s important to work with people who have worked with some of your favourite bands, if you wanna sound as good as your favourite bands. So that’s why I chose them, and I feel like I’m in good hands.”




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