Crossed Wires


Crossed Wires is a fuzzed out, 90s inspired pop-punk band from Halifax, NS. Their songs are filled with driving drums, catchy, melodic, pedal-drenched guitar, and relatable, infectious lyrics that will have you singing along to every word and nodding in agreement.

Formed in 2014, the band is:
● Kayla Stevens (Vulva Culture, Valerie, Hosta)
● Heather Grant (Future Girls, Kim Harris)
● Jonny May (Jonny & the Cowabungas, Samesies)

Since releasing their 2014 self-titled debut, Crossed Wires have been playing their own brand of music that bounces around in the cracks between pop punk and buzzing rock reminiscent of the anthemic side of Sonic Youth, or Dinosaur Jr. With a sound that bears strong similarities to such 90s indie giants as Jawbreaker and Superchunk, Crossed Wires embrace the sonic diversity that exists out East and are completely at home playing shows sandwiched between shoegaze and metal.

The band has played numerous music festivals, including:
● Lawnya Vawnya
● Gridlock Festival
● Ottawa Explosion Weekend
● Halifax Pop Explosion
● Shed Island

and have played with several notable bands such as:
● Weaves
● Beach Slang
● White Lung

After a pair of lo-fi EPs, Crossed Wires installed Palmer Jamieson (Botfly – Lower Than Love, Beauts – Dalliance, and many more) from Halifax’s Golden Palm studio to boost the shine on a new EP, Ellipsis, recorded in late 2022 and ready for release in summer 2023. His indie-rock-informed production offers a previously unheard sheen that, instead of flattening and glossing-up, highlights and elevates elements that have historically gone understated, like Grant’s vocals and Stevens’ guitar work, which soar in the mix as the band’s standout draws. Drummer Jonny May—new to the fold after nearly a decade with Dewayne Shanks as anchor—offers rhythm that borders on tasteful in its restraint, hanging back and blending in for a more cohesive feeling than the standard frenetic, out-of-control timekeeping synonymous with the genre.




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