Christian Turner


Christian Turner is a Canadian Indie rock band out of Toronto. The band is composed of Jeff Takahashi on bass, Gavin McCleod and Mitchell Dunn on Guitars, Konrad Commisso on Drums and Christian Turner on Vocals and Guitar.

Christian spent his formative years immersed in the early 2010s Toronto indie scene, playing in a variety of acts most notably Teenage Kicks (universal/emi) in the era where the indie scene was in its full force of competitive chaos. It is easy to see now why his philosophy veers toward the minimalist point of view. It is all about dropping the antics, just good rock’n’roll, no bullshit.

The band released their debut single “Nobody But You” on January 12th, 2023 and are following it up March 2nd with “Barely Listening”.

Christian Turner draws influence from all of our long lost loves from the 90s. The Pixies, and early Weezer. As well as more contemporary artists like Joel Plaskett, Metric and Courtney Barnett.




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