Catherine MacLellan


Catherine MacLellan and Tara MacLean, both award winning singer/songwriters from Prince Edward Island, Canada, have come together for their first musical collaboration THIS STORM. Their fathers, Gene MacLellan and Marty Reno, wrote and toured together for decades. It is only natural that Catherine and Tara have now joined forces.

THIS STORM, though born from self-isolation during the COVID-19 crisis, is truly a medicine song for the ages. It is about being there for one another even when we can’t be in the same physical space. It speaks to the struggle, the reservoir of strength and the light that we find during uncertain times. THIS STORM is a hopeful anthem to get through difficult moments.

“For me, this song is about connecting. It’s a reminder to have patience and to know that in time all wounds are healed. There are moments, especially now, when we can’t be with those we love, but we can always reach out. We will find ways to be with one another, in person, virtually or spiritually” – Catherine MacLellan

“We can’t always be together in a crisis, but it can connect us and create even closer bonds with those we love, no matter how far apart we are.” – Tara MacLean

In THIS STORM, the sisterhood between Catherine and Tara can be heard in the delicacy of the poetry, the melody, the way the instruments and voices blend together. It’s as though they have been singing together forever. You would be forgiven to think they were recording in the same room. The song was produced by both Catherine and Tara with the vocals, guitar and piano, recorded in their respective studios.The lovely addition of the cello is performed by their friend Natalie Williams-Calhoun to add the finishing touch on an already emotional song. Mixing and mastering handled by Mark Westberg.

“This song magically came to life. When Tara sent me the first draft, I immediately went and sat down at my childhood piano and the rest fell quickly out.” – Catherine MacLellan

“Working to create this song with Catherine was a dream. She and I come from the same songwriting culture, which allowed for an instant and natural collaboration.” – Tara MacLean

Catherine and Tara hope THIS STORM can provide healing to anyone struggling during this time. The video includes family, friends, fellow musicians, community leaders, as well as, essential service workers and first responders. They send all their love, and the love of their home Province of PEI, embedded in this song, like a spell woven into the music to touch the grieving heart of the world.


Catherine MacLellan recently released her 7th album, COYOTE to critical acclaim, earning her a 2020 JUNO nomination. Her standout album, THE RAVEN’S SUN, took home the JUNO in 2015. She has been touring extensively, bringing her beautiful, intimate and personal music to fans the world over.




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