Apollonio’s EP, Time In Between (February 27, 2023), drops as the electro pop artist emerges from a mental-health struggle: much of his last decade was swallowed by obsessive-compulsive disorder.

But things are looking up.

During the pandemic, Apollonio — his mind regained, the worst of the OCD behind him — wrote the songs of Time In Between… reflections of what he went through and what he sees, looking forward.

Mark Andrade (Paradise Animals, Green Go, Tio) produced the collection. It was recorded in the depths of winter, 2022, in a cabin north of Toronto, with musicians Gary Pereira and Stephen O’Brien.

“We were packed in this small space, heated by a wood stove, full of all this amazing sound … it was pretty psychedelic and delirious. Whenever you felt cagey, you could go out onto the frozen lake with snowshoes and walk around in the silence and sunshine,” says Apollonio.

His music has been compared to that of Majical Cloudz, Parquet Courts, Peter Gabriel and Nick Cave.

This EP launches with a fresh, never-released track, Scars, a song about a pair of lovers, each carrying their own pain and wisdom from the lives they’ve led.




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