Alle The Dreamer


Alle The Dreamer, aka Alessia Iorio, is a songstress from Toronto, Canada who is best known for her dynamic songwriting and unique dream-pop sound. Although Alle loosely describes her music as pop, her fluid blend of vintage and cutting-edge influences has created a sound that is distinctively Alle. This can all be heard in her debut EP, Starting Over, which is expected to come out in 2023.

Alle established herself in the local music scene early on, writing and recording with collaborators in Toronto, LA, and London. Among them; Samuel Gerongco (Alessia Cara), Bram Inscore (BTS, Andy Grammer), Jeff Shum (John Legend, Camila Cabello), Dayyon Alexander (Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa), and Negin Djafari (Drake). Alle has also accumulated numerous credits including as a featured artist on DVBBS’ single ‘Wicked Ways’ and Morgan Page’s ‘Beautiful Disaster’, and as a co-writer for Little Mix’s ‘F.U’ (from the 5x platinum album Glory Days), two singles for K-POP superstar Suho, and Baby Ariel’s 2019 track ‘I Heart You’.

Despite these successes, at one point, Alle stopped making music & stopped singing altogether, as music became more of a chore than something she derived pleasure from. She missed making music for the fun of it, and decided she needed to take time away from the industry & making music. After some time away and some deep reflection, she realized that the way you create and write music doesn’t have to answer to what other people expect of it and that you need to surround yourself with people who are kind and share the same goals as you. The biggest thing Alle took from her time off is the importance of writing from the heart.

More recently – with travel and sessions on hold owing to the pandemic – she founded her own company, Alle Entertainment Inc., and used the enforced isolation of “Covid life” to continue to hone her songwriting chops and deepen her knowledge of the industry by undertaking an intensive remote music business course.

With a deep well of material to draw on, Alle is now entirely focused on the release of her debut EP, Starting Over. An ambitious set of vocal-heavy songs featuring a fluid blend of acoustic and electronic textures; the songs are a unique mix of modern beats, natural untreated vocals and emotionally raw lyrics that will resonate with anyone who has confronted their uncertainties and insecurities head-on – and, in doing so, discovered that expressing their vulnerability and power in equal measure can be as transformative as it is freeing.

“My new EP, Starting Over, is a selection of songs that brings you into my world. A world of colour and beauty but also one of heartache and growing pains. It’s a journey of realizing that sometimes dreams remain dreams and the struggle to let go of them and the joy that comes when you finally do.”




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