Aline Deanna


Aline aims to capture the present moment with poeticism and humor all wrapped up in a bow of timeless country melodies. She is original and cunning in her songwriting and lends a nod to ever inspiring songwriters such as John Hartford and Lucinda Williams. Drawing you in with her candid lyrics she can tell an entire story in one sentence with her unique voice. Inspired by the likes of Emmylou Harris and Gillian Welch the spirit of old time country/western music rings loud in her singing and songwriting and is uplifted with a modern dose of americana.

Aline is half French-Canadian half doukhobor, born in the small mountain town of Nelson, British Columbia. Her musical journey started at the ripe age of 7 when she picked up the viola for the first time. She got her chops studying classical viola through the Suzuki Method, running from rehearsals and lessons to chamber music then orchestra. At 11 years old she was the youngest to sit as first chair Violist for the Edmonton Youth Orchestra.

A nomadic childhood, bouncing back and forth between BC and Alberta, forced her to become wallflower of sorts. From a very young age she became fascinated with observing others and their tendencies, collecting stories and philosophies from all walks of life. This fueled her traveling spirit from a young age which she regularly beckons to on the road as a touring musician.

Classical music ignited the fire in this skilled musician but is no longer what keeps her stoked. After years of studying Jazz violin at Selkirk College she eventually was enthralled by her true love: country and bluegrass. Aline is currently playing fiddle and mandolin for BC based projects Maddie Storvold, Tell Adeline & Tenise Marie and also works as a musician for hire for live performances and recordings.

Though she always had a passion for music she was a late bloomer in the proverbial sense and did not begin to explore songwriting until her last year of music college at the age of 20 when she majored in composition. Her extensive musical education enriches her productions with thoughtful arrangements and musicality for a truly unique spin on her country/folk songs. She has released two records of original material with her duo project “Rumour Mill”. Their third record is to be released summer of 2023 and was produced by award-winning producer Murray Pulver (The Bros. Landreth, Doc Walker, Crash Test Dummies).

Her upcoming record “A swimming situation” is an anecdotal collection of songs written over the last two years. The first single “Over The Edge” speaks to the collective uncertainty we all feel when faced with our inner critic and challenge to find our own perspective; unaffected by outside forces. Inspired by the polarization of her community during the covid-19 pandemic she attempts to offer a new outlook. The chorus leads with “We’re all over the edge, losing our minds to the voices in our heads”. Though a difference of opinion often separates us we can find comfort in this shared experience of uncertainty and furthermore develop compassion for each other.

Aline’s songwriting has recently taken on a new direction with an exciting project funding by the Canada Council for the Arts. She is currently collecting stories from those in her Doukhobor community and crafting songs inspired by their resilience and journey standing for peace throughout decades of war and controversy.




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