Matthew Vincent Gerard Vautour, who performs under the moniker 404Vincent, is a multitalented Ottawa-based, 20-year-old producer and artist. Born in Mississauga, a city just west of Toronto, the artist moved around the GTA throughout his childhood. His father was a truck driver before he took up tattooing and installing drywall. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to juggle all three, his mother was laid off of work and their economic burdens began to pile high. With a lower cost of living and new opportunities of employment, they decided to move to a small town in northern Ontario named Kirkland Lake, a nine hour drive from Toronto and the city that he called home.

With little to do, 404Vincent’s musical intake skyrocketed. He began listening to more records keeping artists like Drake, Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator and Future on rotation. He also made a point to listen to other emerging artists who influenced him like Nessly and LocateEmilio. Immersing himself in music started off as a means to combat isolation, but quickly grew into a passion.

With his newfound purpose, he decided that he needed a change in scenery. After six years in Kirkland Lake, the artist saved up what he could but didn’t have enough to for his big move. He betted on himself and took out a line of credit, moved to Ottawa, and has been based out of Canada’s capital ever since.

Although 404Vincent’s interest in music peaked at 13, it took him nearly five years to solidify his sound. Admittedly, he was navigating personal issues—like an increase in smoking which took a toll on his voice and falling ill which made him frequently in the care of a hospital—but that proved to be only minor barriers as he persevered along his journey. Guided by his brother, Ryan, who also made music, he refined his technical skills learning how to find cadences that matched the melodies he recorded atop of.

Because music was an outlet for the artist, he cultivated a very intentional approach to creating: before going into a recording session, he prioritized being relaxed so he would be able to delve into his creativity without any obstacles. He also did this so he could fully channel and translate any situation he was navigating or grappling with in his life into his music. This exact method is what led him to create his first single “I Do This”. The artist was interested in a new girl while his ex was trying to re-enter his life. He was also navigating other growing pains but in crafting the single, he aimed to strive for a level of relatability, but without the weight of what he was going through personally. After recording it the first time, he decided to table the single but a few years later, he revisited it. This time around he tweaked it by re-recording the first verse and chorus, found and purchased a new but similar beat, and delivered what we know as the high energy single enjoyed to date. He began to cultivate an online following and made the decision to release another record and thus “Talk A Lot” came to the fore, a single inspired by the newfound attention he was garnering.

Unfortunately, the artist’s brother passed and the artist realized that he wanted to continue to pursue music to keep himself stable. For 404Vincent, creating was and is a means for him to alleviate himself from stress and make sense of the emotions he was experiencing in his daily life. He found he was able to express himself in a wider capacity through this medium and now more than ever, he has his eyes on the prize. Scheduled to release his debut EP, he has committed to taking all of life lessons and turning it into a project that will introduce his sound, and by extension Ottawa’s, to the world.




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