Jeen Makes It Through the “Deep End” with Laid Back New Single, Listen on American Songwriter



Even if that were the only thing one were told about “Deep End””before hearing its primary instrumentation and central tonality set, the parallel would still stand. The majority of this song is propelled by clean and precise synth tones, consistent cymbal splashes on the upbeat of measures in the verses and, save for a few bars in the middle of the verses, a restrained amount of reverb on Jeen’s vocals. Heavier application of reverb might seem more fitting for the purposes of creating a laid back, atmospheric vibe in the melody. However, the minimal use thereof doesn’t create the opposite effect. Such subtle finesse with the song’s stylistic shaping is unsurprising, given how well Jeen and Blurton (Change of Heart, C’mon, Future Now) – instrumental collaborator and “Deep End” co-producer – know one another.




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