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Holy Gasp

Grayowl Point sits down with The Holy Gasp for a fantastic interview.

“I think probably the next five years, the Holy Gasp will stop looking like a band and more looking like an opera out of Synecdoche, New York,” Hackman says, laughing.

jade the moon

The debut single and video from Jade The Moon is premiering today at Exclaim!

Watch “Broken Angels” now(ish). now is a relative term.

The Dirty Nil

The Dirty Nil in LA with Single Mothers

See the photo’s at CELLULOID ANNOYED.


the nursery

The Nursery took the Song of The Day title for “She Speaks The Wave” over at Buzznet over the weekend!

“Keep Toronto’s The Nursery on your radar this spring. With hypnotizing, fuzzed out synths and twangy guitar action, you’ll be humming along in no time.”


Arkells win Group of the Year and Rock Album of the Year at the Jono’s

Huge congrats to our good friends in the Arkells for winning both “Group of the Year” and “Rock Album of the Year” at this year’s Juno Awards. YES!!!


Quick Before It Melts features Programm’s cover of the Clinic classic.

“Programm’s version strips any of Clinic’s chart-courting populist tendencies away to reveal a song with dark undertones, and haunting passages. Where Clinic went on Letterman wearing surgical masks to play this song, I picture Programm wearing balaclavas and carrying Grim Reaper-style staffs. And I like it.”