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purple hill

Grayowl Point reviews the new album from Purple Hill

“Incorporating a breadth of styles on Top 40 Radio Memory Dream (Oh Yeah!) might seem ambitious, but Purple Hill has successfully created an album that is a pure homage to rock and roll.”

Hi-res album cover
blimp rock

New Blimp Rock dropped today!

And they’re coming to a city near you. MW Photos has some details!


Fantastic look at the Hamilton music scene from good people at Chart Attack.

Jag from WTCHS starts it off!


Flamingo Báy premiered the new video from Flamingo Báy.

Watch the hilarious “Killer Flamingo Bay” off of their forthcoming record “Steaks & Eggs” now.


Munroe is this month “Music Alliance Pact” pick from Ride the Tempo.

More Munroe coming soon!

holy gasp 001
holy Holy Gasp

Another incredibly engaging interview with The Holy Gasp. This time it’s Novella Magazine asking the questions.

” If you’re searching for an eclectic sound for your ears, then The Holy Gasp definitely won’t disappoint. “