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LeRiche Music featured on SoundChips!

“…there’s an astonishing lushness to the track that feels much more like renewal than hiding from the cold. And that’s a well appreciated escape, even if it’s only in the mind for right now.”  

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pet sun

UK PREMIERE! Pet Sun’s latest “Shade Driver EP’ streaming over at the amazing Louderthanwar!

The band refers to their steady, somber stoner rock as ‘death garage’. With a consistently grungey spine, they stick to skeletal, caring not for elaborate touches. Using patiently paced rock with a psychedelic penchant, Pet Sun trip out from doom to dream – from the unsettling depths of ‘Dark Planet’ and ‘Mrs. Warp’, to the […]


Liskka getting more rave reviews on legendary IMVERYAPE!

“It is also simply an enchanting song. The haunting, ominous vocal loops fill Keep Me Awake with an engaging darkness, and the subdued horns weave a melancholy throughout. Yet, beyond the somber emoting, the backbeat and synth work make the track decidedly pop.”



New song from P’ARIS – band!!! Super excited to have the great Kick Kick Snare premiere “Focus”!

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Paradise Animals

Dive deeper into the lyrics of Paradise Animals at Grayowl Point!


Liskka get rave reviews on the amazing SoundChips!

“The London artists dare you to place them into a genre. “Keep Me Awake” traverses from ambient to R&B to electro pop to experimental instrumentation with ease. You almost feel tired, but the track swerves and dashes with complete fluidity. Floating beneath the icy glimmer of the track though are dense lyrics – “I’m afraid […]