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Featured: Arkells

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New WHOOP-Szo premieres today on Chart Attack!!

“At one listen, you might latch onto their folkie regionalism and proclivity for place-based storytelling, and then, two tracks later, it might be the thoughtful architecture of their noise-building that reels you in. For some, I’m sure, it’s the psychedelic tint that captures them, and for other careful listeners, it might be the passages that […]


Unbelievable Southern Souls session with YerYard.

A name everyone is going to want to remember.

friday night trend

Novella Magazine features “Wasted Youth”.

New Friday Night Trend video is alive!


Lonnie in the Garden

New Lonnie in the Garden video featured at Bands of Tomorrow!

van de rocker

New Vanderocker review from Digital Earbuds Music Blog.

“VanDeRocker will not be denied as she not only takes the leadoff feature, but also provides the sexy, yet classy, video of The Kissing Booth.”

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scattered clouds

Scattered Clouds over at Silent Shout today.

“They’re one of the best in the country at creating dense, moody and evocative music that feels cinematic in that it’s hard NOT to imagine a Lynchian scene playing out as their guitars thunder.”