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AlphaCub The Holy Gasp Wood Lake

New music from The Holy Gasp, Wood Lake, and AlphaCub up on Grayowl Point today!

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bombay Harambee

Listen to Bombay Harambee’s new LP first at Overblown and read a track by track guide while you’re at it!

New Bombay Harambee album is out this Friday on Max Recordings!  

The Dirty Nil

Phenomenal review of the debut record from The Dirty Nil at PunKanormal Activity.

“…pushing the hazards of commercialism aside, knocking on the hearts of the rock and roll faithful.”  



New Womb video up on Canadian Beats!

Wood Lake

Head over to The Vinyl District’s new “TVD Press Play” and grab the new Wood Lake single “Easy Love” for free!

The Dirty Nil

read the 9 out 10 “camera flashes” review on Photogmusic!

Want to win the new album from The Dirty Nil on vinyl?!? Head to Photogmusic and answer “What song is “Higher Power” mentioned in?”