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For Esmé
For Esmé

Watch the awesome new video from For Esmé at CONFRONT Magazine

“Think the weird, strange and ultimately awesome vibes of late night television in 1979”  

The Dirty Nil

Great review (by Lisa Sookraj) of The Dirty Nil’s debut record atLouderthanwar!

“The fact these guys come from a classic rock background shines bright and proud here, more prominent than ever. This was no accident. The band knew what they were going for and they went for it hard.”  

For Esmé Band Photo Jeff Bierk
For Esmé

Watch the new For Esmé video for “Make A Sound” at Silent Shout!

“Directed by Spencer Cathcart, it’s a deadpan stylistic homage to 1980s disco chic, pitch-perfect down to the last detail. That bass guitar!”  


The Dirty Nil

Fantastic review of “Higher Power” from Adam White at!


New HILL video up on Ultimate Music!

  “a fantastic and atmospheric indie pop track with some flawless influences of R&B music.”

The Dirty Nil

An incredible review of The Dirty Nil’s debut record “Higher Power” on IMVERYAPE!

“It may be shit-kicking, party-until-you-vomit-then-party-again kind of rock, but The Dirty Nil prove that they are the highest calibre in that category.”