Featured: The Dirty Nil

Featured: Arkells

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The Dirty Nil

Stereogum named the The Dirty Nil’s new video for ‘Zombie Eyed’ one of the best of the week.


Jaunt’s debut EP ‘Chat’ is premiering at Impose today!

Mathew V

The new pop single from Mathew V Music can be heard at Ultimate Music!


Benjamin Munoz

Phenomenal review of the new Benjamin Muñoz EP at ThrdCoast. ‘Dear Ennui” is out now on HAVN Records.

  “Because, at its core, Dear Ennui is a mix of the visceral and the conceptual—venues that rely on feeling and the abstract. They thrive on the experience, not the constraints of rational explanation.:

The Dirty Nil

Fantastic interview with The Dirty Nil up at AUX. Canadian east coast dates included!

Mathew V

New single ‘If I’m Enough’ from Mathew V Music premiered at All Things Go!

“Mathew V has a voice beyond his years”