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Featured: Arkells

Featured: Allegories


Sound Injections has the new TIO track for your earballs

Listen to A Simple Way here!


PROGRAMM “Like The Sun”

Programm’s new single featured on Quick Before It Melts.

bronx cheerleader

Bronx Cheerleader featured on Quick Before It Melts

“Though the opening riff immediately conjured memories of “Come As You Are”, “Mad Sam Is Dead” is more dirty garage than basement grunge. Grounded in their appreciation for fuzzy guitars and psychedelic undertones, “Mad Sam Is Dead” introduces a leaner, meaner, sharply focused sound for Bronx Cheerleader,”



TIO premieres their next single at Impose today!

“Like a swarm of electrical locusts or crackling power lines, TIO begins the heavy hitting percussion like a hard rain of lead-weighted canon balls falling upon beds of quicksand.”

pet sun

Head to Brooklyn Vegan for the premiere of a new Pet Sun live video!

The band has also signed to The Hand. On Tour Now!


Chart Attack has the new Programm video for your eyeballs.

“The stark imagery plays well with the four-piece’s bold bass and shimmering guitar lines and Jackie Game’s buoyant, grandiose vocals.”

Tamara Williamson

Hear Tamara Williamson’s new sing’e “Victoria” at

It’s delicately powerful, it’s raw, stripped down and perfectly frank. It’s not rife with faux saccharine and over production, instead it brims with emotion and inspiration.”

mary caroline

Mary Caroline Audio Interview at The Joy of Violent Movement

Listen to her discuss her new record “Life on Earth”


Premier their new video at CMJ this week

Listen/Watch “Dirty Smile” from their “Green Tape”.

The Dirty Nil

The Dirty Nil Named One Of Canada’s Best Punk Bands

CBC gives The Dirty Nil the #9 spot. #‎herecomethemohawks‬



Indie-rock darlings Arkells lead the pack with nominations for group of the year and rock album of the year on the back of the band’s newest album, High Noon.