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Featured: Allegories

heavy hearts

PropertyOfZack has an excellent feature on Heavy Hearts.

“Heavy Hearts couldn’t have possibly picked a better name for themselves; their musicreally is a perfect level of heavy but undoubtedly full of heart.”

Sweet American Music
dave rave

Dave Rave’s new album with The Governors named “Album of the Week” by Francois Marchand at The Vancouver Sun

Read about Dave Rave and The Governors, Sweet American Music here!


Allegories on BitCandy Music Filter

“Whomever these guys end up being is inconsequential, though. If you need me I’ll be listening to “Funny Way of Loving You” on loop until they release something else.”


holy gasp 001
Holy Gasp

Fantastic new feature about The Holy Gasp at Cast the Dice.

Watch the “bonkers” new video for “A Daily Affirmation” there!

tamara vintage 3
Tamara Williamson

New Tamara Williamson single premieres at Quick Before It Melts today.

Listen to the inspiring “Angel” now.

standards has the exclusive premiere of STANDARDS new video.

STANDARDS – “Haze” [Exclusive Music Video Premiere]!