Featured: The Dirty Nil

Featured: Arkells

Featured: Allegories


The New Animalia single “Paradise” is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day!

Matthew Chaim

The new Matthew Chaim single cannot be stopped! Hear “Vanilla Ways” on stupidDOPETV!

pet sun

The new Pet Sun video is premiering at Exclaim! today!

  “The fuzzy, home movie feel serves as an excellent complement to the band’s slow-burning psych jam.”


SheLoom features the new SheLoom single “America On Fire”

“…a shimmering track of airy sun-drenched beach rock. It just moves with a grace and ease, as it isn’t trying to be anything, it just is.”


The new Merival EP is review at The Indie Blender! “Lovers” is out on Friday!

“Her EP Lovers covers all the bases of a great collection of folk songs: A hauntingly beautiful voice, a lofty feel to the instrumentation and heartfelt and heart-breaking lyrics.”  

Michaela May Press Shot(1)
Michaela May

The new Michaela May single up on • auspOp.

“The now Canadian-based singer is already making waves with the track, which is a straight out pop track that lyrically sticks its middle finger up to anyone who dares suggest you have to conform.”