Worst Gift


Worst Gift is a Canadian rock band from Toronto. They don’t fit in. Together. The three
piece formed in 2014 releasing a two song tape, “Yard Meat” at their first show. While playing
around Ontario and Quebec the band recorded their first album “Shitty Loser Riffs”.

Garnering support from DIY labels * Worst Gift were able to release Shitty Loser Riffs
internationally in 2015. Following the release the group hit the road as often and as long as
possible, touring the US multiple times and Europe at the end of 2016.

Before leaving for two months of touring that included their first european trip Worst
Gift recorded nine, stressed out genre confused break-up songs as an ode to societal collapse,
personal failure, and meditations on trying to be good. Said songs will be put out as a full length
record on Art of the Uncarved Block.


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“I found out about these guys this week and their LP hit a spot with me. They’re everything I look for in a band from Toronto: fast, loud, heavy, kind of melancholy.”


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“World’s Worst, an interesting offering that consists of nine stressed out genre blending break-up songs that are an ode to societal collapse, personal failure, and meditations on trying to be good.


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