Winona Forever


Vancouver’s Winona Forever combine spicy rock riffs and arts and crafts rhythms to create delicious ready-to-listen pop songs. Since 2015 the band has been releasing music that embraces the warm and free spirited leanings of home recording, producing a sound that is equal parts fresh and timeless. Easygoing at first listen, Winona Forever crafts tight, groovy indie pop that takes as much influence from 70’s feel-good music as bedroom pop. Prioritizing punchy rhythms and fun melodies, they create a sound that is wholly contemporary.

Winona Forever already has two Canadian tours under their belt and the incredible success of their 2019 full-length album FeelGood.

With the release of the track Keep Kool, Winona Forever stumbled into an international following that propelled the band into new dimensions. 2019 saw the release of the album Feelgood on vinyl. The band has continued growing through touring in Canada and the US, with an Audiotree live session and Pop Montreal festival as highlights. In 2022 Winona Forever will be touring the US in support of new releases.




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