Wayfarer is a band that rewards curiosity. The more that you dig into their music, the more that you find reasons to keep listening. Wayfarer’s vulnerability and introspectiveness gives them a distinct voice in their storytelling. First formed in Kitchener, Ontario in 2009 they’ve successfully toed the line between the emo of early 2000’s Saddle Creek Records and the better parts of contemporary punk music since then. They are equally comfortable pushing tempos and playing ahead of the beat, like Small Brown Bike, or slowing things down, like the quieter moments of Cursive or Pedro the Lion. After two ambitious concept records, 2015’s Sleep Through to the Light and 2016’s Three Winters EP, Wayfarer have simplified their process and put out a tight forty minutes of emotive punk music that pivots from the constrained narratives of those two albums to an autobiographical theme without losing the outstanding imagery of their previous efforts. Reckless Spring, recorded during the winter of 2018 at Tape Studios in Hamilton, Ontario, will be self-released on October 25th, 2019. It’s an impressive way to celebrate ten years as a band.





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