WAASH — the latest, pop-refining project from Vancouver songwriter Andrew Bishop — is previewing its upcoming self-titled full-length with his latest single “Frozen”. A soaring, synth- coursing statement on putting up boundaries as a form of self-care, the single arrives on streaming platforms May 22nd through WAASH’s label home, Light Organ Records. Following the shoegaze slant of WAASH’s similarly self-titled 2023 EP, “Frozen” is more of an electronics-forward take on ‘80s era pop, which points to the broader electronic experimentation Bishop brought to his next LP. While it’s an aesthetically smooth stream, the single also stirs up Bishop’s thoughts on some interpersonal strife. Even if WAASH’s upcoming album reflects the wisdom of withdrawing, the project’s first full-length release likewise found Bishop’s nurturing friendships with a number of familiar collaborators. Lyrics were often co-written with Courtney Ewan Hancock, Bishop’s longtime partner in pop-rock outfit Twin River, and Louise Burns, the esteemed songwriter/producer Bishop had first met when he’d briefly entered her back-up band a decade ago. Bishop cites the synth sheen and seamless vocal interplay of Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night as a cultural touchstone for WAASH, explaining how he, Ewan, and Burns would often sit in a circle in the studio to trade off on lyrics, line-for-line (“It was really fun, and obviously took some of the pressure off,” he says of the communal experience).




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