Andrew Bishop, a versatile musician hailing from Vancouver, has established himself as a prominent figure in the city’s pop music scene over the past decade. He’s contributed his talents as a guitarist to bands like Alex Little & the Suspicious Minds and Twin River, all while crafting country-infused solo tracks under the name White Ash Falls. Now, he’s embarked on a new musical journey with WAASH, merging his prolific songwriting skills with a passion for expansive shoegaze soundscapes, marking both a culmination of his musical career and a fresh start.

The WAASH self-titled EP, consisting of five meticulously crafted tracks, showcases Andrew’s departure from his conventional songwriting process. Instead of relying on the guitar, he explored beats and basslines as starting points for his compositions. This approach allowed him to delve into minute details, crafting lyrics and melodies that intricately fit each song. The EP’s sonic foundations were laid during sessions with his Suspicious Minds bandmates at Afterlife Studios and further refined at the Hive studio on Vancouver Island with co-producer Colin Stewart. Back home in East Vancouver, Andrew added ethereal keyboards, harmonies by Louise Burns, and perfected the EP’s reverb-soaked ambiance.

Although WAASH initially began as a solo project, it has evolved into a full-fledged live band. Andrew has assembled a group of long-time collaborators, and they recently debuted in their hometown, with plans for more shows on the horizon. Andrew expresses his excitement, stating, “I’ve put together a fantastic live band with lots of old friends. I think I’ve really got something here.”




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